How to Get Rid of the Blue Screen Problem in Dell Support

When you are working on the Dell computer and come across the infamous blue screen error, which is also called as the Blue screen of death, the only thought you are likely to have is to get your system running and up! There can be several reasons for this blue screen issues in a Dell laptop. However, only a few ways to stop and fix the problem and one of them is to contact the Dell Blue Screen Error Support and call them.

What is a blue screen error?

When Windows faces certain situations, it stops. The diagnostic information that results from this shutdown is displayed in white text, on a blue background.

Dell Blue Screen Error occurs in the following cases:

  • Windows detects an error that cannot be recovered without losing data
  • Windows detects that critical operating system data has been corrupted
  • Windows detects that hardware has suffered a non-recoverable failure
  • Checking problem reports for problems and solutions

Windows 10 Blocking errors are logged in the Reporting Issues and referenced against other blocking data available online. To access the Problem Reports, follow the instructions below:

  • On the desktop, click the Search in Windows and on the Web field and enter "Reports."
  • Select View All Error Reports to see a list of all errors that have occurred on your computer and their possible solutions, such as updating drivers, flashing your system's BIOS, Day software.
  • In the Source column, locate Windows and in the Summary column, look for stopped running and closed.
  • Right-click on the relevant line and select Find Solution

Without knowing the message on the blue screen, it is impossible to give targeted indications. System errors that are the base of auto- restart can be determined by software drivers or badly written programs or defective hardware. Continued reboots in the initial loading phase suspect a corrupt kernel problem.

As a result of the problem resolution, we recommend that you maintain hard disk. Start your computer, press the pause button to stop the system, insert the Windows XP installation disk into the optical drive, and then press any key. Select the operating system installation option, go to the point where the procedure for installing the operating system or repairing it through the recovery console, press R to start the console.

Select the Windows installation you want to access by clicking on the number, if there is one console, only one number will be offered. Enter your account password, if there is no press Enter without typing anything. At the command prompt, type followed by entering.

The chk disk command verifies the disk integrity, the parameter allows complete unit control and corrects any errors while the team detects damaged sectors and retrieves readable information.

After scanning and correcting any errors found, restart your computer normally. If the problem is still present, repeat the recovery console start-up procedure.

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