Dell Services for PC and Desktop

The purchase of the equipment includes a 1-year basic warranty from Dell, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. Depending on the product you purchase, other services may also be included, and you also have the option to extend one or more of our premium services, such as Premium Support, Accident Damage Assistance or Basic guarantee.

For software problems and procedural questions, there is a help desk available with charge, Software Technical Assistance. Software technical assistance will resolve questions about virtually any version of Windows, virus, spyware, security, installation, home network or application

The Dell technician will work with you to ensure that you receive the proper instructions on how you should act.

Diagnosis and solution of the problem, what do I have to do?

Before contacting Dell Technical Support, you should identify the "serial number" and model of your product, as well as be with your system to assist the Dell technician.

Provide the Dell technician with the model of your product and the "serial number", your contact details, including the email address and information about any product failure or other assistance you may require.

Assist the Dell technician with diagnostic procedures to identify the reason that caused the problem.

Save complete backups of all software or data. If a hard disk failure is detected, it will be replaced and the data stored on the hard disk will be lost. The customer is responsible for security, reinstallation, and backup of your data at all times.

A customer who selects Dell Support receives an individual technical support manager who is familiar with your business and work environment. Also constantly online is Dell Support (available and for Dell Pro-Support level support) that allows you to identify problems before they grow into critical errors. It provides continuous remote monitoring and automated support, which, if necessary, can instantly be transformed into a personal one with the help of highly qualified engineers, guaranteeing a prompt solution of problems.

Warranty Support

Your system is not working and is not covered by a service contract? Talk to one of our "Out of Warranty" specialists, and choose from many easy and fast repair options. The experienced serviceman can identify the failure, as well as any other possible hidden problems. Most of the reputed service providers guarantee you a trouble shooting exclusively with Dell certified spare parts.

Additionally, within the framework of Dell support, on a regular basis, the client receives personalized and preventive recommendations based on regular system diagnostics, trend analysis and optimal procedures based on the entire Dell customer base. All this allows you to reduce the number of requests and increase productivity.

Whether you are troubled with simple problems or dealing with some grave issues like your desktop not starting or responding, proper assistance is the key to get out of the problems.

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